Asja at the age of 7 1/2 years. She is the dog of the best friend from Tine. If we have a walke together we have a lot of fun

Our new friend is Toni vom Horren(4 month old) and a son of Galaxy and Ramos. He is living with Claudia, Stefan and Moritz and we will always get new pictures.

We have a new friend. Briegel(at the age of 10 weeks) is a son of Vasquez and live with Cristina at the kennel Telchines in Itlay!

We have a new neighbor. Generous Qui vom Fürstenauer Wald is a Beagle Puppy and 8 weeks old.

Hello friends, I am Syk vom Horren at the age of 8 weeks. I´m a very special boy. We are looking for a family who want to show and love me!!

We have a new friend Leeloo Lollipop vom Achterplätzchen. She is living at the kennel vom Achterplätzchen and at the moment she have 9 wonderful puppies. The puppies are looking for a new family. If you want a wonderfull Schnauzer p/s with a very good charakter contac Edith and Leeloo!

Hello, I proud present my daughter Atassi von der Teufelsburg! She is living in Heidelberg with Maxi and Gero. Gero is the Cousin from Gerhard. She will visit us next week and we are curious to see Atassi soon!

The fisrt new friend is Excalibur vom Hexenwald. We meet Excalibur and Antje(second friend) on shows and have since the show a nice friendship. Antje send us always new show results and we want to say "Thank you" for a lot of work.

The third friend is Tanja, she is the second Giant from Antje. We know that Excalibur and Tanja have a lot of fun together.

Happy Birthday Twister! Have a nice day and we are happy to see you soon!

This is our new friend Quintus vom Rohrteich, he is a son from Ramos. He had found a very nice family. They will visit us after the holiday and we hope to see them soon.

We have a new young friend Newcomer Nelson von der Klinger and will meet him on some shows this year

New picture from Aaron unterm Hollerbusch with his mum!

Today Mercedes have birthday! All the best from Tine+Gerhard+Ramos+Vasquez. We have every day a walk around the river and a lot of fun together.

Patschi is a good friend of Ramos and Vasquez. If we meet him when we walk, the boys have a lot of fun.

This two are from Berlin Germany. Giant Schnauzer Olli and Great Dane Iska. Have a look at their website

This ist Aaron (The Voice) unter´m Hollerbusch. He is living near Cologne, we hope to see him soon again.

This is Gloris Marfa a half sister of Vasquez

We proudly present, Alice.

Hi I'm Ondra vom Sindlinger Schloss. Gerhard ist giving my mom Sandra some advice how to educate a young nasty giant.

Hi, I'm Amsel unter´m Hollerbuschand a new friend of Vasquez!

This is Twister, he lived with us for 8 month and now is a swiss giant.

Two big friends son of Ramos Ayk and his daddy Karl!

Ortas was Ramos first and best friend but saddly he moved to Florida and we couldn't meet him anymore.

This is Mercedes not a car but our best girlfriend. She is a p/s standard schnauzer from Kennel vom Achterplätzchen She is living with Tine's Cousine Caroline in our home town Hassmersheim